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Cheese Style Food Slices Are Not Cheese

And Orange Drink Is A Drink That Doesn't Contain Oranges

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Birthdate:Sep 30
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
I'm in my late thirties. If you're planning on living to seventy, late thirties equals middle age. As the women in my family generally live well into their nineties, I like to think of myself as still in the early stages of my life.

I'm a professional nerd (web developer - old school - PHP). I currently work for a Registered Charity, maintaining and expanding their growing internet presence, running consultations, producing information leaflets and writing the quarterly newsletter.

Yes - a nerd who does PR. I am aware how unusual that is.

Before I got married and spawned I was a biochemist working in veterinary medicine. It mostly involved playing with blood, lymph, shit and intestinal parasites, so I don't really miss it.

I write - not at a professional level, but I know what a gerund is and where to put a semi-colon. Unfortunately, I have a tragic affliction that causes me to dump commas everywhere. Cold medication helps!

I'm married with three spawn. My parenting style consists of saying 'Google it' when they ask a question and shouting at them when they fuck up. Oddly, my kids are all well behaved, polite and academically gifted. I have no idea why.

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