Woe is me

Jun. 2nd, 2009 10:39 pm
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I'm purging my webspace. Everything I've done since 2001. It's not fun.

Russian hackers - I'm laying a curse on you. May your fingers knot and your dicks shrivel. May armed mobs mistake you for that paedophile they were chasing. May your bodies become infested with lice, and your loved ones turn to promiscuity, theft and substance abuse.
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Ha! Pork is so cheap right now. I filled my freezer.

People are morons - there isn't a flu virus known to man that can withstand being both frozen and heated past the boiling point of water.
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OMG, people are morons.

I should stick to my f-list - you guys know the difference between arses and elbows, unlike the denizens of Y! Answers.

I have an Adobe Acrobat 7 problem. I use it to glue multi-chapter html files together into one pdf, which I can then import into the ebook software of my choice. I've been doing it for years. But! I have a new computer, and a new installation of Acrobat, and it automatically adds the file path of the source files to the bottom of every single page. Fine - if I was printing it out, but I'm not - I'm converting it into pdb or prc or epub, and that footer information is getting dragged along and inserted into the body of my book.

Silly me, I thought "ask Y! Answers".

So far I've been advised to upgrade to Adobe Reader 9 - it's freeware!

Yes, I know it's freeware. I have it installed already. But I'm not using Adobe Reader, I'm using Adobe Acrobat, which is NOT FUCKING FREEWARE.

Edit: I have defeated the thing myself. In case anyone else has this problem do the following:

  1. Open any pdf

  2. Go to Advanced >> Web Capture >> Append Web Page

  3. Browse to any file on your system (it doesn't matter which)

  4. Click on the Settings button

  5. Unselect the options for headers and footers on each page

  6. Click OK

  7. Click Create

  8. Close the pdf without saving

  9. Now you can create a pdf from multiple files without the file path of the originals showing up in the headers and footers.


Apr. 15th, 2009 10:46 pm
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Based on previous purchases, both Amazon and Fictionwise think I would like crappy vampire romance novels. Lots of them. Pages and pages of recommendations that read like: "Mary-Sue Titmouse was just a dull little secretary until a dark stranger rubbed up against her at a friend's batchelorette party. Now she's out for blood!!!" and "Darkette Stabhell is the last of her people, sworn to rid the world of the monsters that hunt unsuspecting humans. When a terrifying new threat forces her to work with dangerously sexy vampire, Vladimir Exsangine, her heart may show her a new path." and OMG, NO MORE. Just because I have bought books containing magic, knives, blood, mythical monsters, romance and sex does not mean that I like crappy vampire romance. Have I ever bought a vampire romance novel? NO. So shut up shut up shut up SHUT UP.

Excuse me, I have to go select 'not interested' 500 times.


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